Hoogendoorn Growth Management

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Worldwide innovator in horticultural automation

April 6, 2020

Photo courtesy of Hoogendoorn

Hoogendoorn Growth Management is a supplier of process automation solutions in the horticultural industry. For over 50 years, we have been striving to optimize greenhouse climate, increase crop yields, and manage costs and risks in horticulture.

Our Products

We deliver user-friendly automation solutions worldwide with a focus on climate management, water management, energy management, data management, and production and quality management. With this, our automation solutions contribute to the sustainable use of water and energy.

Next Generation iSii

Our next generation iSii process computer monitors and controls all climate, irrigation and energy equipment in all types of greenhouses and indoor grows. The iSii is equipped with advanced controls that work according to the principles of Plant Empowerment, which resulted from Next Generation Growing (NGG) research. This way, light, temperature, humidity and CO2 are aligned with one another for improved photosynthesis. In addition, to prevent water stress, irrigation is driven by the evaporation energy and water balance of the crop. With the iSii process computer, you set the base for high-quality production.


Our Work-IT management information system combines real-time information, including about staff performance, planning, payroll administration, quality and stock. This allows greenhouses and indoor grows to efficiently manage labor, production and crop health, and it helps you to take cost-saving measures. Work-IT enables you to easily monitor and analyze data, such as personnel performance, harvest activities and crop health. Moreover, quality control, track and tracing, and pests and diseases registration ensure food safety.

Service and Support

We don’t only provide you with the tools, but also with the know-how to grow your business to improved profit, with an efficient use of nutrients, water and energy. We consider it very important to share our expertise and extensive knowledge about climate control, irrigation strategy, energy optimization and plant physiology with growers. This enables growers to optimize growing conditions for their crop to obtain maximum yields. The focus is on growth: increasing knowledge to achieve the maximum result.

Hoogendoorn products are supported with our customer portal Hoogendoorn Online, user training, 24/7 helpdesk and reliable maintenance service. We have several offices worldwide and a strong partner network. We can provide you with our technology, knowledge and service wherever you are located.

For more information, visit hoogendoorn.nl/en

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