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More than 40 years ago, an inspired group of scientists, engineers and technicians came together with an ambitious goal: to advance agricultural quality and innovation through the use of key manufacturing processes and cutting-edge research.

In launching Flora Series — one of the market’s original three-part nutrient systems — we created a foundation to do just that. By separating Flora Series nutrients into three distinct formulas, we enabled growers to tailor specific nutrient profiles for precise growing, no matter the plant, stage of growth or growing environment. These properly balanced formulas paired with our stringent quality processes help growers achieve highly consistent performance and strong results.

But we didn’t stop there. Our latest game-changing nutrient system was designed from the ground up for high-value crops in controlled environments, where results and consistency are paramount. FloraPro, a highly water-soluble, two-part nutrient system, is formulated with essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and mixed using precise, proprietary ratios gleaned from decades of rigorous R&D. Blended from premium inputs, featuring hard water flexibility and made without fillers, these technical-grade nutrients are balanced to help encourage crops to reach their full genetic potential. Plus, FloraPro is tailored to the needs of indoor facilities, so it requires less storage space than liquid alternatives and works seamlessly in two-tank stock systems.

Now, we’re working to propel the industry forward again as part of the Hawthorne Gardening Company family of brands. We at General Hydroponics are proud to join a host of industry-leading brands across categories, working together to deliver unparalleled R&D resources and technical services to growers. At Hawthorne, our holistic approach to plant nutrition takes into account environmental conditions, growing media, water quality and cultivation practices to create a nutritional regimen customized for each crop and facility.

Comprehensive consultations and resources include:

  • Tests for starting water quality, current nutrient regimens, growing media and more
  • Individualized product recommendations to help drive high-quality yield
  • Feed charts built for many of the industry’s longest-standing brands
  • Custom irrigation and water delivery plans and schedules

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