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We believe it’s our responsibility to our partners to be the primary resource that helps them grow smarter.

April 9, 2020

Sustainable cannabis cultivation requires more than the right lighting system and recipes. Cultivators need standardized best practices, credible research and partners that deliver solutions as well as products. Fluence strives to be all the above for cultivators around the world.

Our goal is not to sell the most lights. It’s to provide cultivators with comprehensive resources across every aspect of their operations to improve financial performance, implement proven cultivation methods that maximize every plant’s potential, navigate regulatory requirements and succeed in an increasingly competitive industry.

From production planning and energy-efficient facility design to light recipes and best management practices, we believe it’s our responsibility to our partners to be the primary resource that helps them grow smarter. We combine deep expertise in photobiology, a horticultural services team that works directly with cultivators, and heavy investment in cannabis research to help every one of our partners build a cultivation operation that is both sustainable and profitable.

More than ever, cannabis is a business of efficiency and results. Here are a few ways our partners have achieved both:

  • Eve Farms doubled its yield per harvest per room, achieved a 70-percent increase in plant canopy, saw an 11-percent increase in cannabinoids and reduced crop maturation from nine weeks to eight weeks.
  • Amplified Farms worked with its local utility company to conduct a side-by-side comparison of HPS and LED light efficiency and achieved 25-percent energy savings with Fluence LEDs.
  • Mother Magnolia Medicinals achieved 40-percent energy savings and 50- to 75-percent HVAC load reduction. After investing in LEDs, it received more than $13,000 in rebate incentives.

To hear more from Fluence customers or to learn more about our commitment to industry-leading science, research and technology that helps cultivators grow, please visit our website.

For more information, visit fluence.science

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