Cannabis Farm Co-Owner Helping to Rewrite Role of Women in Budding Industry

Autumn Brands is building a reputation for its crops through agricultural best practices, experimenting and adherence to state and local regulations.

December 17, 2018

SANTA BARBARA, CA – December 17th, 2018 – PRESS RELEASE – The explosive growth of legal cannabis has changed the industry seismically. Except for this: Women remain woefully underserved. However, the sector’s rising number of fem-trepreneurs is creating the culture shift from its former tie-dyed stoners to today’s high-end consumers wanting to nourish their bodies and souls, i.e. females.

Autumn Shelton, CFO and co-owner of Santa Barbara County based Autumn Brands, says, “Cannabis represents an industry of health and wellness whether you utilize its benefits for medical or recreational purposes. As awareness grows, people are finding out just how incredible this under-appreciated plant can be for themselves, family, and friends.”

Along with other Santa Barbara County cannabis growers, Shelton’s Carpinteria-based, family-owned farm is building a reputation for its crops in the same way the area’s vineyards became known for world class wines. That is, agricultural best practices, experimenting and adherence to state and local regulations. Their line of products includes a full flower line, with an available lower THC flower that many women prefer. Scheduled to debut shortly are a high CBD/low THC flower, vape cartridges (favored for their discreteness), sauce cartridges, and mints.

In short, the Cheech & Chong days of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure defining the market are up in smoke. Numbers and projections of cannabis’ billions of dollar potential differ depending on the source of information, but the one consistent piece of news is that women routinely are being ignored in the equation.

Not a mainstay yet, cannabis is becoming very quickly a go-to, mainstream self-care product found in medicine cabinets and on nightstands in homes across demographic lines, thanks to the woman of the house.

“Self-care is taken very seriously by women, who are the fastest growing segment in cannabis,” notes Shelton. “This is an exciting time for women and the industry.”