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Mastering the Craft of Growing Media

March 29, 2018

Berger is a worldwide leader in the production of high-quality growing media. Since 1963, our commitment to expertise, excellence and constant innovation has helped our horticultural customers far and wide to achieve unremitting growth with their crops and businesses. Our reputation for quality and consistency is our trademark. Every day, for now 55 years, we strive to improve our processes in order to offer professional growers better and more effective products and services. We want to make every growing season their best one yet.

Unmatched, Direct Approach

Berger’s sales team ensures that both the quality and effectiveness of our products translate into high-yield and quality crops for our customers. Our direct approach testifies about our authenticity and desire to be a devoted partner from the very beginning of their project, throughout their operations, among challenges and achievements.

Whenever they need it, our dedicated sales team is their VIP access to benefit from Berger’s full expertise. Berger’s team of specialists uses a client-focused approach that meets the specific needs of its customers’ cannabis crops.

High-Quality Growing Mixes

Berger responsibly selects and processes raw materials with meticulous handling methods in all of its eight North-American manufacturing facilities.

Moreover, we take pride in our first-quality ingredients for every one of our growing mixes. Each component offers characteristics that are carefully evaluated and integrated into our specific-purpose blends to optimize growing results. Our wide selection of professional marijuana products can meet the most specific cultivation needs in any growing environment.

From raw material to growing media packaging-each harvesting, storage and processing stage has its own range of testing requirements that enables Berger to make real-time adjustments.

More than 280,000 quality tests are done annually in our laboratories and manufacturing plants. Our strong expertise guarantees the highest product efficiency on the market.

The quality control system at Berger is what ensures that proper care is applied to every processing step, to provide professional growers with uniform products of superior quality, regardless of the manufacturing site or the season they were produced.

Certified Excellence

Berger offers products of undeniable quality, and that excellence in every aspect of our activities is confirmed by several certifications recognized worldwide.

Berger has held ISO 9001 certification since 1996. This certification is a guarantee that the company’s operations and processes meet rigorous standards for quality assurance and risk management.

In addition, many of our products, including the BP and OM product lines, are OMRI listed, composed entirely of materials authorized for organic production.

Customers’ Needs Are at the Heart of Our Operations

The sole purpose of Berger’s technical services is to support all professional growers throughout their entire production cycle by helping optimize and streamline their operations. Focusing on their success, educational seminars, training guides, technical videos and other practical tools are developed by our experts according to what really matters to our customers.

Moreover, every greenhouse trial that we run in customers’ horticultural environment is carefully followed up by our grower advisors to ensure best cultivation practices and results.

We believe that success is in the details: the right growing mixes can not only jumpstart the quality and yield of the crops but can also boost the bottom line.

Indeed, from start to finish, how you grow matters as much as what you grow.

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