Arkansas Plant Board Adopts Industrial Hemp Regulations

The Arkansas Plant Board has approved proposed regulations for the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, putting Arkansas farmers one step closer to growing hemp in the state.

June 21, 2018

Little Rock, AR - PRESS RELEASE: The Arkansas State Plant Board (ASPB) approved regulations for the state’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program today at their quarterly meeting. The approval came after Mary Smith, author of the regulations and ASPB seed division director, presented several public comments collected during a thirty-day public comment period that concluded June 15th. Many of the comments were inconsequential and did not result in recommended changes to the current draft of regulations. One comment, however, resulted in a change, where licenses will be suspended instead of revoked as a result of violations, pending a hearing. 

The regulations that were approved by Gov. Asa Hutchinson in May are now headed to the Arkansas Legislative Council (ALC) for approval. The ALC’s next meeting is scheduled for August 17, 2018 at 9 a.m. Once approved by the ALC, the adopted rules and regulations will be filed with the Secretary of State’s office and will become effective ten days after filing.

When the hemp regulations become effective, the ASPB will establish the protocol to grant licenses to Arkansas farmers and processers. Although it’s likely that licenses will not be granted in time for the 2018 growing season, local farmers and companies welcome the opportunity for next planting season.

Industrial Hemp is a versatile crop that can be used to produce a variety of products such as CBD extracts, paper, building materials, food products, and biofuel. According to local Hemp Genetics and CBD company, Tree of Life Seeds, CEO Jason Martin, “The ability to grow and process industrial hemp in the natural state is a game-changer for Arkansas farmers who will now have a viable alternative crop that can provide increased profits at a time when farming profits are low.”