Allied Corp. Commends Colombian Authorities for Approving the Export of Dried Cannabis Flower From Colombia

Colombia President Ivan Duque Marquez signed a decree that allows for the sale and export of raw cannabis materials, namely dried flower, to international markets.


KELOWNA, British Columbia, July 26, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE – Allied Corp., an international medical company focused on creating and providing health solutions to address today’s medical mental health issues, is pleased to commend the recent announcement made by the Colombian authorities allowing for the export of dried cannabis flower from Colombia to countries where it is legal to do so.

On July 23, 2021, Colombia President Ivan Duque Marquez signed a decree lifting a prohibition on exporting dried cannabis flower. The directive also allows for the expansion of sales of cannabis-based medicines and streamlines regulatory procedures in Colombia. While only a few Colombian companies have been able to export cannabis derivatives, such as cannabidiol (CBD) distillate and isolate, up until now, the export of dried flower from Colombia has been prohibited.

"This means Colombia can enter to play a big role in the international market," Duque said after signing the decree. “Latin American cannabis exports could be worth $6 billion.”

Allied continues to produce to European Pharmacopeia quality assurance standards. This will position Allied flower to be sold into countries where it is legal to do so.

“We have been anticipating this decree. With this announcement, Allied is excited to showcase our flower in those countries where it is legal to do so,” Allied CEO Calum Hughes said. “The care and attention that we believe our production team puts into the flower yields a premium product with the smell, taste and aesthetics that are all appealing to the flower consumer. We believe that based upon our industry leading genetics and experienced production team that Allied will flourish in this new market segment. In our view, the flower market is different that the extract market in that the quality, appearance, smell and taste win customer loyalty. With flower, it has been our observation that it is very hard to hide any impurities with regards to taste, smell and aesthetic quality. We are proud to bring to market the Colombian flower that Allied has produced.”