Alabama Attorney General Opposes Medical Cannabis Legalization
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Alabama Attorney General Opposes Medical Cannabis Legalization

Attorney General Steve Marshall submitted a letter this week to lawmakers to voice his opposition to a medical cannabis proposal that was recommended by a state study commission.

January 10, 2020

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall voiced his opposition to medical cannabis legalization this week in a Jan. 6 letter to lawmakers, according to an AP News report.

Marshall’s letter called cannabis an addictive substance and drew parallels with the ongoing opioid crisis, the news outlet reported, and also noted federal prohibition.

During last year’s legislative session, an Alabama House committee turned a medical cannabis legalization proposal into a bill to establish a commission to develop legislation and regulations for medical cannabis in the state. The legislation ultimately passed the legislature, and the Alabama Medical Cannabis Study Commission started work on a medical cannabis legalization bill to present to the legislature early this year.

Alabama’s 2020 legislative session begins next month.