7 Celebrity-Based Cannabis Products

January 28, 2015

Cannabis Business Times had shared the announcement about the Marley Natural cannabis brand, linked with famed musician Bob Marley (and formed in partnership with the Marley family), as well as "Real Housewives" star Bethenny Frankel's forthcoming line of Skinnygirl Marijuana (designed to stave off the munchies).

But you can add to the list of celebrity-founded or -supported cannabis products:

- a line of marijuana-infused wine created by singer Melissa Etheridge;

- "Mr. Tusk" and "White Walrus" cannabis strains created by director Kevin Smith;

- Tommy Chong's Smoke Swiped clothing-odor eliminator;

- Snoop Dogg's Double G line of vaporizers, created with vaporizer company Grenco Science; and

- the Khalifa Kush strain of marijuana, named for rapper Wiz Khalifa (as well as the Taylor Gang | microG vaporizer, created in a partnership between Khalifa and Grenco Science), as reported in a new article on Fortune.com.

Read the Fortune.com article here.