Ask the Experts: Custom Displays: 5 Questions with Wil Walker with

April 15, 2020

How can you get eyeballs on valuable product while providing information to the consumer? Wil Walker, vice president of client experience at, explains why custom displays might be the right fit for your dispensary.

1. Why should dispensaries consider custom display solutions?

Custom displays allow you to tell your brand’s story. The cornerstone of this process is your brand DNA, which serves as the handwriting for each design element. Whether it be accomplished through a specific construction, material or finish, identifying these intrinsic elements—in tandem with a proven display concept—will elevate the overall experience in your dispensary. Given the current retail landscape in the cannabis industry, there is substantial opportunity for differentiation through customization.

2. What are the benefits of custom display solutions?

The presence of custom displays incorporates a “tailored” effect in the overall layout of a dispensary. You can customize a display by highlighting features of a particular product, and this in turn becomes your “silent seller” to engage the consumer. Custom displays allow you take your clients on a seamless, brand-targeted journey through your dispensary’s product line, increasing interaction and ultimately enhancing the bottom line for operators.

3. How can custom displays help dispensaries differentiate themselves from competitors?

Custom displays spark precise shopper engagement, directly addressing the needs and wants of the industry’s consumer base without overt marketing. Cannabis consumers are spirited and place huge value on the experience—a winning display captures this emotion. We assist in cultivating cannabis retail visions by providing visual versatility and branding efficiency to match this fervor.

4. What are the keys to a successful display?

While displays must uphold a certain aesthetic standard, they must also do the product they’re housing justice; presenting a clear message of what the product is, and what its attributes are. In a similar vein, consistency in design intent is critical to ensure that conception flows down to all display components. With the various product mixes and categories within a dispensary, uniformity is invaluable to comfortably expedite the customer experience.

5. Who reaps the rewards from a successful display?

All players in the metaphorical retail game benefit when a custom display is executed properly. In addition to building their brand, the retail owners see higher margins due to operational efficiencies gained. The retail employees have a unified mission and store theme to follow through on, and the customer has a more seamless journey from entry to the ultimate point of purchase. Whether evaluating from the standpoint of time, money or quality service, every individual throughout the chain is better placed for success.

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