5 Fog Systems Questions with MJ-Tech’s Ruud Van Aperen

Supplement - Ask the experts: Fog Systems

July 3, 2017

To create an environment in which your cannabis plants feel ‘comfortable,’ an energy-efficient fog system might be the solution. MJ-Tech CEO Ruud van Aperen provides insights into how fog systems maintain humidity levels and eradicate odors.

1. How can a fog system control humidity and temperature in a cannabis cultivation operation?

A high-pressure fog system will ensure optimization and a more precise regulation of air humidity and temperature, which allows cultivators to regulate moisture absorption by the leaves of the crops. You will also experience a reduction of water use compared to other systems, such as sprinklers. All the atomized water evaporates in the greenhouse.

2. How are fog systems installed in cannabis grow structures?

Our customized pump-unit and an associated pressfog® pipeline system (including patented leak-proof couplings and nozzles) will be applied in the greenhouse according to approved design.

MJ-Tech has the experience to handle the entire process: from concept, engineering, production to installing and commissioning.

3. How do the fog systems work?

A high-pressure pump compresses pure water through a special stainless-steel nozzle, using a pressure between 70 and 120 bars. The resulting fine fog does not end up on the surface, but quickly evaporates into the air. The combination of heat and fine droplets creates the evaporation. This evaporation extracts energy from the air, which results in a cooling effect.

4. Will you explain the “essence of air-humidification,” and how this can help cultivators?

Evaporation causes cooling of the ambient air, which allows the grower to ventilate less. By humidifying the greenhouse air in sunny conditions, the evaporation will not exceed the water absorption of the plant. The result is that the plants are less likely to experience stress. This then results in a better absorption of CO2, which is necessary for photosynthesis.

5. Can you expand on fog systems’ odor-control benefits?

A biodegradable additive can be used in the system, which provides a solution for odor problems by dismantling the odor molecules. We develop systems that are only designed for odor-control, but the additive can be used in combination with our climate-control system without any problem. These two components make for a win-win for cannabis cultivators.