Ask the Experts: Edibles: 5 Questions with Nancy Whiteman

April 15, 2020

Wana Brands CEO Nancy Whiteman understands what it takes to build a successful business. Whiteman shares some of her leadership insights to help dispensaries achieve success in this increasingly competitive market.

1. What are some key factors dispensaries should consider when selecting edibles?

Aside from price point, you certainly have to consider the brand’s range of products and how they might or might not appeal to your customers. This includes choosing from a variety of flavors to how innovative the items are for what they do. Probably most important, though, is that you need complete trust in what you put on your shelves and provide for your customers. Edibles should be a treat as much as a health supplement. That’s why Wana Brands has put so much effort into ensuring the flavors of our edibles come through instead of the taste of the cannabis.

2.How can dispensaries determine if the edibles are high quality?

One of the first things you can do is simply look at your product. What’s the coloring like? Is it something that’s going to appeal to your customers? What’s the texture like? Gummies made with fruit pectin instead of gelatin, for example, don’t have the rubbery texture found in lower-quality edibles. But it’s the ingredients that make the most difference. Some cheaply made edibles might use mineral oil, which can cause gastrointestinal distress. Also, products that are infused instead of sprayed deliver more precise dosing and a more robust fruity flavor. If your edible tastes like hash oil, chances are good that it’s not the high-quality product you want in your dispensary.

3. How can businesses ensure that product is available when they need it?

Quality of service is critical. For example, at Wana, we have our operations and production dialed in to ensure that we always have sufficient inventory on hand to meet our customers’ needs. Our account reps also work closely with customers to ensure that they are ordering the right par levels (minimum amount of inventory they can have on hand to meet demands) based on past history.

4. How can retailers know that patients/customers are receiving safe products?

Look for companies that produce according to the highest food safety standards, including cGMP and HACCP. Every Wana product, for example, has met or exceeded testing requirements for potency and microbiological contaminants even before it was required by regulation.

5. What innovations should dispensaries expect to see from edibles companies?

We’ll certainly see more refinements to factors affecting bioavailability, as well quicker, more consistent onset times. For example, in March 2020 Wana launched fast-acting gummies that provide a new edible experience, with an onset time of five to 15 minutes and Delta-9-THC effects (similar to inhalation effects) lasting from two to four hours.

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