5 Questions with Kurt Reiger

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When cultivating cannabis, container selection is just as important as the growing media. Smart Pots President Kurt Reiger tells you what to look for in the ideal container. The perfect pot will help your plants’ roots—and ultimately your harvest—grow to maximum proportions.

July 10, 2018

1. Why grow in a Smart Pot?

The container you choose has a huge impact on plant growth and yields. Smart Pots are specifically designed to maximize the healthy root mass of your plant. The equation is simple: bigger root mass, bigger yields.

2. How does it work, exactly?

It works through a process called “root pruning.” When roots make their way to the perimeter of the pot, they lock into the fiber. That’s where the magic happens. After roots lock in, they branch out explosively, creating a fine, dense network of fibers known as feeder roots. Feeder roots can absorb massive amounts of moisture and nutrients, so you want as many as possible. Furthermore, Smart Pots are constructed of porous fabric with millions of microscopic holes. They drain exceptionally well, while still holding in the mix and not falling apart in the middle of a grow. The pores also release damaging heat that can harm feeder roots and diminish your yields.

3. How is all this different from other containers?

Standard plastic containers have tons of disadvantages. In a plastic pot, roots grow in a long, unbroken line without branching. They circle the pot, creating a tangled root mass that lacks sufficient feeder roots. This type of root structure is incredibly inefficient at absorbing moisture and nutrients. Plastic retains excess water and is prone to overheating. Now, when it comes to fabric grow bags, we invented them. We’re the undisputed pioneers in the space. Many competitors make fabric bags that aren’t designed for root pruning. Some are too thick, retaining excess moisture. Others are so thin, they just fall apart. The right fabric makes the difference.

4. What about contaminants in the fabric?

This is a major issue in today’s cannabis industry. Smart Pots are made from “clean” fabric, meaning it is predominately a virgin material free of lead, BPA and excessive hazardous materials. Recycled fabrics can be loaded with heavy metals that accumulate in the recycling process. When scrap material is melted down to recycle, heavy metals remain. They cannot be melted. A build-up of lead, copper or other contaminants is very possible. That’s not a problem if you’re growing flowers. But if you are growing something that will be consumed—such as cannabis—clean fabric is an absolute must.

5. My garden is unique. Can Smart Pots make custom containers for my operation?

Yes. Our products are proudly made in the U.S., and it’s easy for us to make custom containers for specific needs. We have been serving the cannabis industry for well over a decade, and we work closely with some of the best cannabis growers in the world. We’ll find the perfect solution for you.