Ask the Experts: Point of Sale: 5 Questions with Dave Albert

April 15, 2020


A trustworthy point of sale (POS) system can make or break a cannabis retail operation. Dave Albert, president of Retail Control Systems, a retail management system provider that offers a cannabis POS platform, discusses what dispensaries should consider when purchasing a POS system and how these systems can help with customer loyalty and marketing.

1. Why should dispensaries consider an enterprise-level POS solution?

In many ways, selling cannabis is just like selling any other product, except for the state regulations you need to adhere to and the state traceability that needs to be integrated with your system. Most POS solutions we see today work OK for cannabis stores when they are just starting out, but what happens when your company grows beyond one or two stores? If you are looking to grow your company, you should definitely consider an enterprise-level POS solution.

2. What are some key factors businesses should consider when seeking a POS solution?

Make sure the system is integrated seamlessly with statewide traceability systems. You don’t want a third-party integration when it comes to auditing inventory. Determine that your customer’s information is secure. Numerous cannabis solutions have recently been involved with data breaches.

Multi-location operators are often blindsided by issues arising because their software doesn’t support location-specific security needs. When local regulations change, you want system admins and power users to be able to make adjustments on the fly.

3. How can a POS solution drive customer loyalty?

Your CRM platform should allow you to leverage customers’ transaction histories. With mobile marketing in particular, that data is important if not essential to market your products effectively and attract repeat business. You should be able to use data to qualify and automatically target customers. Detailed transaction histories allow you to promote product lines and specials to the customer segments they’ll most appeal to.

4. How can a POS solution improve the customer experience?

Consider customer kiosks and digital display integration as part of your business solution. Kiosks will speed up the ordering process and help educate your customers about the product. Built-in email marketing can help target your customers with specific promotions and turn them from a one-time customer into a loyal customer and promoter of your store.

5. What type of support should dispensaries expect before and after installation?

Look for vendors, such as Retail Control Systems, who offer software testing, a discovery, a customizable software configuration, training and a collaborative pilot phase to ensure you’re comfortable with the product before going live. After that, users should have access to daytime and evening support lines so they can address any questions or configuration needs in a timely manner.

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