Recreational Marijuana Could Create 6,200 Jobs in Nevada

September 9, 2016

Legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Nevada would create thousands of jobs, reduce black market sales and generate millions of tax dollars for education, representatives of an advocacy group said today.

Representatives of the Yes on Question 2 campaign — a reference to the November ballot initiative on recreational marijuana — cited a study from Las Vegas-based RCG Economics that concluded recreational marijuana would add more than 6,200 jobs in the first four years after legalization, including nearly 3,000 jobs outside the marijuana industry.

“To keep up with the demand, we’d see more security firms, attorneys, accountants, transportation companies and construction workers, among other jobs,” campaign spokesman Joe Brezny said at the Thrive Cannabis Marketplace dispensary in North Las Vegas. “This is an all-inclusive industry and benefits workers statewide.”

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