N.D. Bill Would Delay Parts of Medical Marijuana Legalization

January 16, 2017

Legislative leadership has introduced a bill that would buy time for lawmakers to pass a comprehensive law governing the process for allowing the prescription, dispensing and use of medical marijuana in the state.

Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner, R-Dickinson, said Senate Bill 2154 would suspend enacting parts of the medical marijuana initiative that passed in November until a full bill can be passed this session.

SB2154 suspends the North Dakota Department of Health from issuing applications for medical marijuana dispensaries and the receiving of applications as well as issuing certificates of registration. The suspension would last through July 31 or until the Legislature passes a full medical marijuana regulations bill this session, whichever comes first.

“They’re still going to get what they want, but we do it in a responsible way,” Wardner said. “It just gives us some time to do it right.”

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