Sacramento Approves Commercial Marijuana Cultivation

Lighting State by State: California

The Sacramento City Council on Tuesday approved a process for issuing marijuana cultivation permits and lifted a moratorium on cultivation, paving the way for eventual commercial cultivation in the city.

The council unanimously voted 9-0 in support of a structure for marijuana cultivation permit fees and a framework for administering the city's program.

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Other pieces of the city’s new pot policy unanimously approved Tuesday included an ordinance that mandates that cultivation sites be a minimum of 600 feet from neighborhood and community parks.

The council also unanimously approved a criminal background check policy for those applying for permits. The policy essentially gives applicants with prior criminal histories a chance to explain their situation — if the crimes were nonviolent, not gang-related and did not include minors. That is intended to allow for some applicants with past marijuana convictions to have the opportunity to participate.

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