Sacramento Accepting Cannabis Cultivation License Applications

April 7, 2017
Sacramento Bee
Grower/Agriculture News State by State: California

Sacramento has begun accepting applications for commercial marijuana cultivation, starting the process of permitting licensed grow rooms to operate in mostly light industrial zones in the capital city.

The city received more than 70 applications for cultivation licenses on Monday, the first day of the application period. Applications will undergo review by the city planning commission to ensure potential businesses adhere to distance requirements from schools and parks, and other permitting requirements.

City officials said it will be many months before most of grow rooms are allowed to go into business under separate operating and conditional use permits.

“It really depends on how long it takes to get through the conditional use permit process,” said Brad Wasson, the city’s revenue manager. “That can be three months. Six months is about average. It could take longer if there are concerns.”

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