Philippines Votes to Legalize MMJ

March 10, 2017
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The Philippines has voted to introduce the free and lawful use of medical marijuana, just one day after it voted to reinstate the death penalty for certain drug offenses. Last week, President Duterte said he would restart the war on drugs, a movement that has caused the death of over 7,000 people as a result of extra-judicial killings.

House Bill 180 explains who and how medical marijuana should be used. It details who will be approved to prescribe it—qualified medical cannabis physicians; who will be allowed to receive it—cannabis patients with an ID card; and who can assist in its distribution—qualified medical cannabis caregivers and qualified cannabis compassionate centers, according to the Asian Correspondent.

Rep. Seth Jalosjos proposed the bill and said that legalizing marijuana for medical use “will benefit thousands of patients suffering from serious and debilitating diseases.”

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