Ottawa Alters Government's Proposal to Legalize Marijuana, Cuts Height Restriction on Homegrown Plants

Any references to a specific height have been removed from the bill.

October 9, 2017
CTV News
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OTTAWA –The House of Commons Health Committee has completed its study of Bill C-45, the government’s bill to legalize marijuana, and has made some tweaks to the government’s proposal, including cutting out the height restriction on homegrown marijuana plants.

The original version of the legislation proposed by the government stated that when growing marijuana plants at home, the maximum plant height would be 100 centimeters. Now, any references to a specific height have been removed from the bill.

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During the marathon testimony that saw more than 100 witnesses come before the committee, the point was raised that if a plant owner let their plant grow one centimeter too tall, they’d become a criminal.

Despite a wide range of other serious concerns about the legislation—from the impact on youth and the bill staying silent on edibles, to provinces and police forces’ preparedness—no other substantive amendments were passed.

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