Medical Marijuana Grow Facility Wins Martha's Vineyard Commission Approval

The commission vote was 12-1 in favor of the project.

June 27, 2017
The Vineyard Gazette
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The Martha’s Vineyard Commission has approved what may become the Island’s first facility for growing, testing and packaging medical marijuana.

Geoff Rose, owner of Patient Centric of Martha’s Vineyard, plans to share space in a 7,200-square-foot building on Dr. Fisher Road in West Tisbury. The building itself, planned by Big Sky Tents owner Jim Eddy, was approved by the commission in 2010 but has yet to be built.

During a public review this spring, residents raised concerns about increased traffic on Dr. Fisher Road, and the site’s proximity to the West Tisbury School 2,400 feet to the south. But the final plans on Thursday passed with little debate.

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“It seems to me on balance that the project is a benefit,” commissioner Joan Malkin said during a discussion of pros and cons on the project on Thursday night.

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