Lesotho Becomes First African Country To Legalize Cannabis Cultivation

The landlocked country is located within South Africa's boundaries.

February 12, 2018
Swarajya Magazine

The tiny landlocked country of Lesotho has taken the lead towards legalisation of cannabis in Africa, having legalized its cultivation by US based Corix Bioscience, Globe Newswire has reported.

Lesotho, a small country of 2 million people, and entirely surrounded by South Africa had earlier awarded the first commercial license to hold, cultivate and supply cannabis to Lesotho based Pharmaceutical Development Company (PDC), which has now been acquired by Corix.

The license allows Corix to import and the export cannabis and cannabis resin in various forms to about 30 countries in the European Union, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and New Zealand.

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Image courtesy of Adobe Stock