Lemnis Oreon B.V. and HybridTech LLC Agree to Distribution Partnership

February 14, 2017
Lighting Vendor News

[Press release] IJSSELSTEIN, February 14, 2017 — Lemnis Oreon, Dutch manufacturer of high quality LED grow lights for greenhouses, and HybridTech LLC, a renowned engineering company from Oregon (USA), have agreed on a close cooperation. HybridTech is going to include the LED fixtures of Lemnis Oreon into their range and will involve these in a large number of projects in the USA in where the company is involved.
Medical Cannabis
The medical cannabis industry is growing rapidly due to the legalization of the cultivation in a large part of the USA and Canada. At this time, the cultivation of medical cannabis is legalized in a large number of states in the United States. In a smaller number of states, the use and cultivation of recreational cannabis is also legalized. The cultivation of medical cannabis in a greenhouse is relatively new. Many growers have years of experience with the 'indoor' growing of (medical) cannabis or growing crops in a greenhouse, often using artificial lighting. Meanwhile, the benefits of artificially illuminating with LED becomes more and more convincing in comparison with traditional SON-T. In addition, the Oreon Grow Light offers solutions for cultivation challenges in the horticulture and medical cannabis industry.

Water-cooled grow lights

HybridTech recognizes the benefits and is convinced of the success of the LED grow lights of Lemnis Oreon. The fixtures are water-cooled and provide much efficient light without heating up the greenhouse. This allows less ventilation, which among other things results in better CO2 values. The result is a higher quality yield, at lower operating costs. The water cooling ensures that growers have complete control of the climate in the greenhouse and cultivation strategy. Recently conducted scientific research, in the Netherlands, has shown that excellent production results can be achieved with the water-cooled LED bulbs from Lemnis Oreon.

Daniel Gustafik (CEO Hybrid Tech) is very excited about the collaboration with Lemnis Oreon: "I have been active in the industry for many years and did not come across a lamp with this level of quality and with such good results. Unlike other lamps, the water-cooled Oreon Grow Light offers many advantages on all fronts.”

“We are proud and very pleased with the cooperation between HybridTech and Lemnis Oreon! We’ve been looking for a partner with extensive knowledge and experience in the (medical) cannabis industry, and which also has extensive experience in the lighting and cooling aspect in greenhouses. HybridTech fulfills all. They are the ideal partner to exploit the specific advantages of our lighting, such as water-cooling with high light output”, said Jan Mol, Director of Lemnis Oreon.