Koch Network to Trump Administration: “You Are Never Going to Win the War on Drugs. Drugs Won.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ push for tough enforcement on marijuana is seen as particularly troubling.

June 28, 2017
Denver Post
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COLORADO SPRINGS — The Trump administration’s tough talk on marijuana is creating an unusual alliance: pot smokers and the conservative Koch political network.

Mark Holden, one of the influential network’s top leaders, decried President Donald Trump’s administration for returning to the “harsh sentencing era of the war on drugs.”

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“You are never going to win the war on drugs. Drugs won,” he told reporters as the network opened a three-day retreat Saturday at The Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ directive to re-evaluate marijuana policies is a particular problem. Even though it remains a federal crime to possess and use marijuana, he said, “it’s legal in a number of states, so we have to come to grips with that somehow. 

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