EnRoot Products Ships Ameri-Coco Bagged Coir

EnRoot Products Ships Ameri-Coco Bagged Coir

Available in 1.5 cu ft. bags, Ameri-Coco products come in three varieties to suit growers' needs.

October 12, 2017
Press Release
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Cromwell, CT, October 11, 2017– EnRoot Products LLC, makers of high-quality coir products, has announced the release of Ameri-Coco ‘Ready-To-Grow’ bagged coir, according to a press release. Available in convenient 1.5 cu ft. bags, Ameri-Coco products come in three varieties to suit growers needs. Root Kandy is the perfect medium for high-value crops with ultra-low EC requirements. Root Kandy is 100% coco coir buffered with calcium nitrate for a resulting EC/salt content to below 200 PPM. Brown Pearl is 100% coir with a 70/30 blend of perlite - a long-respected natural amendment - for added aeration and drainage. Colombo Jumbo is our standard, ‘triple-plus’ washed  coir, used globally in commercial growing. Low EC, and now fluffed and ready-to-grow right out of the bag!

“Superior crops deserve a superior growing medium, which is why we are introducing this new high-quality bagged coir, ready to go and ready to grow,” says Brian Ziff, National Sales Director.  

“Griffin is enthusiastically supporting the launch of the Ameri-Coco fluffed coir product line. Bagged, expanded coir meets a need for commercial growers in the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) arena and has appeal to home gardeners as well. The Griffin team looks forward to helping more growers bring easy-to-use coir products into their toolbox as a solution to produce better crops,” said Tami Van Gaal, CEA Division Leader with Griffin.

Griffin is Enroot’s primary horticultural distribution partner for the Ameri-Coco line for the U.S. market.

Images courtesy of EnRoot Products