California Growers Association Opposes Trailer Bill

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[Press release] (Sacramento) On Wednesday the California Growers Association announced opposition to Trailer Bill Legislation proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown. The governor's proposal seeks to align differences between the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act of 2015 and Prop. 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. 
Executive Director Hezekiah Allen explained the trade group's opposition, stating "We realize the Governor is working hard to align medical cannabis regulations with adult-use regulations. 

"However, the proposal removes a critical section of the medical cannabis regulations. Section 19328 of the Business and Professions Code outlined restrictions on the number and type of licenses a business may hold. 
We support changes to these limitations, but erasing them entirely puts our future at risk and erodes the level playing field we have all been working to create. 

"Without reasonable limits on scale and cross licensure the marketplace could be quickly consolidated and become dominated by a few conglomerates. That's a mistake we can't afford. 
California will not get a second chance at this and it is imperative that we strike a better balance than the current proposal. We must provide a pathway forward for as many cannabis businesses as possible."