Cannabis Farmers React to Spokane County Cannabis Moratorium

January 9, 2017
Grower/Agriculture Legislation and regulation News State by State: Washington

Before Spokane County Commissioners passed a temporary ban on new pot farms, they never heard what cannabis farmers thought about it. 

But now, farmers are making sure their voices are heard. 

More than a month ago, Spokane County Commissioners purposely passed a temporary ban on new outdoor cannabis farms without telling anyone. The goal, said Commissioner Al French, was to not to attract too much attention that would lead to a rush of aspiring farmers obtaining permits before the ban went into effect. 

But not telling anyone the ban was on the agenda also ensured that cannabis farmers would not show up to express their opposition to the move. So now, that's exactly what cannabis farmers are doing. In an effort to force the county to change its mind on the six-month moratorium for new outdoor pot farms, the Cannabis Farmers Council wrote a letter to commissioners French, Shelly O'Quinn and Josh Kerns today that accompanied a 14-page report explaining how the moratorium will hurt the local industry.

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To read the full letter sent to Spokane County Board of Commissioners, click here

To read the 14-page report submitted by the Cannabis Farmers Council, click here